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God Speaks

Wilderness, S o u t h A f r i c a

A solo adventure
Accompanied by spirit
I know I am guided within and without

God speaks and I take the first step; embarking on the barefoot path of rebirth:

A bird,
A breath,
Of sweet summer air
Singing with me
Like I do in my dreams
Crystal doors open to the subconscious mind
Ancient archways,
Portals to the Divine
I trace the symbols
With my fingertips, I see
Keys to my lineage
Handed down to me

I recognize the longing
It’s deep and wide
The light and the dark lay down side-by-side

Angels and lullabies
Sweet and low
They’ve always been here
This I know
They’re in my bones, my heart, my cells
Like ancient scripts
Carved like spells

A fresh blue haze
Scattered through days
Of journeys and rides
And turning tides
Rivers and seas
In blue and green dreams

Tears and laughter – expressions of my soul
An egg that’s painted white and gold

I birth my art
It’s delicate and deep
And dance on my way in order to speak
To you, to me, to God, to the One
My fear dissolves
I hold the sun