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Jasmine flowers fall from the sky
A fragrant rain beyond compare
On the grass, in the water, they die
We touch and dance and stare
Your face ripples into a thousand incarnations
Guides join us in incantations
To now
To then
To us
To them
We rub the sand into our hands
And dance on the graves of the past
Talking, walking, circling
Our last chance to say goodbye
Under a jasmine sky

On a hill with sun and moon
We pray and swoon
It’s all too soon
To laugh, to cry, to say goodbye
It ends before it begins
The things we thought were sins
But we are just innocent
Aching for more
Remembering before
What we had
What we held
Yearning to meld
Into our hearts
Not to end
But to start
To intertwine the rose and the thorn
To sign with the blood
Of a new and sweet dawn
Fused with fragrance
And sweet summer song
The days of sun
light and long
Will you come to me then?
If not, then when?
I know your face
I’ll remember it well
Don’t make me forget
Your hands, your smell
Kneel here
Lay your head in my lap
Cry your tears of strength and years
I’ll hold you dear
You know I’ve always wanted you near.

Please stay.


Author: Sivitri Delphia

I express my soul through writing, designing, and dancing.

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