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WILDERNESS, S o u t h A f r i c a

And in his beauty I saw hope in all that was good. In his presence, a space to dream of possibility, of what could be. A whirlwind of synchronicity swept me up in its arms just as he swept me up in his – an extension of his heart, his love, his nurturing nature.

But it was a heart that was wounded, not fully sure; vacillating; opening and closing in its vulnerability and fear, it’s unsureness and confusion. And I felt it as the doors to a potential dream that opened then closed and opened and finally closed.

And my soul told me, and I listened, at first. And then the longing in my heart, in my bones, in my hands that wanted to touch and to hold, to heal and to love overtook any sense of caution or warning from God and I wanted to dive into a river that couldn’t quite flow. It was filled with reeds and rocks and questions without answers.

And I realized my king was on another shore and if I am to get to him I must stay where I am on my own shore until he feels my breeze calling to him and he can smell the sweetness in my voice beckoning – not out of longing but from a peaceful knowing in my royal heart that is ready and worthy for depth and a divinely aligned new start.


Author: Sivitri Delphia

I express my soul through writing, designing, and dancing.

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