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Fierce Grace


Our precious souls fumbling around in the dark
Looking for some sense of peace
Denying the process,
Pushing it away like it had no significance.
15 years – leading ourselves to believe all was lost
Still trying to find ourselves,
Thinking we still have this mountain to conquer

But look how far we’ve come
The blisters on our feet have healed and opened and healed and opened and healed.

And now, we’re open raw souls
Feet and heart and head OK with raw because we’ve seen the cycle.

We’ve seen it heal and we’ve seen it open
Thrusting towards the light as it pierces us to the core
Seeking out the dark cracks we’ve carried with us through the ages
Dragging them with us
Allowing dust to settle in the corners

And now we seek out every lost spec
Every last speck.
It’s time.
Reclaiming the Sparks that have never quite ignited
Adding fuel
Adding fans
Adding wind
Adding risk

Bare feet, open heart
Looking our ancestry straight in the eyes
Asking, begging, accepting, knowing
Wielding strength to take them on
Enjoying the fight as it’s the final frontier
For the next flight.

Watching us dive, tearing our chests open.
Kissing the mouths of the past, Which is now, which is coming, Which is all-encompassing.
Sweet mothers and fathers holding our hands, egging us on, pushing us forth
Holding their breath as we breathe for them.
Because we know now
Because we know how
Because we know

As trees
As clouds
As sky breathe
Connecting our feet deep into the core
Remembering our mother
Our strength Our softness
Our fiery bellies, relaxing into knowing the cycles that align
and surrender to steadfast harmony
With breath and lungs and feet on soft forest floors
Shafts of sun beaming through our heads
Our hearts melting us into the vastness of ourselves
Bowing to the grace of our fierceness.