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This blog is dedicated to our ability to find sanctuary within the essence of our souls.

Writing is part of my soul quest. I write with the intention of knowing myself better. I write in order to unravel, reveal and lay bare that which lives within me. I attempt to give it all life on the page and share this truth in the hope that it, in some way, stirs your soul and ignites your spirit.

These pieces are my personal experiences and musings conveyed in the form of poetry, prose and short stories; pieces filled with dreams, longing, ideals and revelations from times when I have been urged to look towards my soul and the divine source to seek refuge and sanctuary; moments when circumstances seemed chaotic or I felt terribly alone, and simply the moments I wanted to dive into and express.

Through these travel stories I hope to convey the intimacy of my journeys, within and without.

The writings conveyed here commence as I prepare to depart the United States.

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Musings On the Quest, under the drop-down menu, is where you’ll find all posts.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the journey.



  1. A sacred place, such as a church, temple, or mosque.
  2. The holiest part of a sacred place; around the altar.
  3. A sacred safe place, providing refuge and protection

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